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If I need a dental procedure but I don't have the cash to cover it, are there any financing options?

Yes, we work with a couple of financing companies that offer monthly payment plans without charging any interest. This can be spread out over a period of up to two years, making it easier for patients to afford their dental treatment.

Do I have to pay for my dental procedure upfront?

Yes, payment is typically required upfront. However, we understand that the cost can be substantial depending on the treatment, which is why we offer financing options. We also have promotional offers during certain seasons like holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's, and the 4th of July.

What dental financing options are available from your clinic and how do they work?

We work with three financing companies to help patients apply and qualify for financial support. Once approved, patients can make monthly payments over a period of up to two years without interest. The type of credit check performed (soft or hard) depends on the company. We also accept co-signers for patients with no credit or poor credit.

Does all dental financing require a credit check?

Yes, the financing options we offer do require either a soft or hard credit check, depending on the company you choose to go with.

Does dental insurance typically cover the cost of most dental procedures?

Unfortunately, dental insurance does not typically cover the full cost of most procedures, contrary to what many people believe. However, we strive to provide substantial financial help to our patients to ensure they can afford healthy and happy smiles.

How can I find out if my insurance will cover the cost of my dental procedure?

We go over the estimated insurance coverage with patients on their first visit. However, patients can also call their insurance provider for this information. Note that insurance representatives may not have a complete understanding of certain dental procedures, which can sometimes cause confusion about coverage.

Can I find dental plans and options at your clinic?

Yes, we offer various dental plans and options to cater to our patients' different needs and budgets.

How can I get started with dental plans?

You can start by visiting our clinic. We will help you apply for financial assistance based on your needs. Once approved, you can even start your treatment on the same day.

Financing Options offered: 


We are a fee-for-service practice, but also accept all insurances with out-of-network benefits. We also offer courtesy billing for you to get your benefits directly from your insurance. 

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