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Dental Fillings

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are materials that dentists use when a tooth has a cavity. Dentists remove the cavity, clean the tooth, and then fill it with dental material. We have a couple of different options, like white materials and silver materials. Silver materials, which are banned in some parts of Europe, are still available in the United States. The white material, our composite, is a plastic-based material, and everyone loves them.

Can Fillings Be Avoided?

Yes, if you take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sweet drinks, you can prevent the need for fillings.

Can Fillings Be Prevented Without Drilling?

No, fillings cannot be prevented without drilling. The tooth that needs filling must be cleaned correctly, without any contamination.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings in Dentistry?

There are white fillings, metal fillings, and even gold fillings. Additionally, there are fluoride-releasing composites that the dental industry is continually improving.

Will Dental Fillings Match My Tooth Color?

Yes, dental fillings can be matched to the shade of your teeth. There is a wide variety of shade-matching composites available in the market.

Does a Dental Filling Procedure Hurt?

No, because you get numbed before the procedure to ensure you don't feel any pain.

Can I Brush My Teeth After Getting a Filling?

Yes, you should brush your teeth after getting a filling. It's a must-do.

Do Dental Fillings Need to Be Replaced?

It depends on the size of the filling. If they are too big, crack, or leak, they may need to be replaced.

How Much Does a Tooth Filling Cost?

The cost can vary widely, from $20 to $800, depending on where you get it done.

When Should I Schedule a Dental Appointment If I Think I Need a Dental Filling?

You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It's recommended to see your dentist at least twice a year. In our office, we recommend a four-month recall, so we check every four months to address any dental issues promptly. Regular dental check-ups are crucial to maintaining oral health. Don't assume you have no problems; let your dentist assess your condition.

Schedule An Appointment

If you have any more inquiries or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (510) 969-8510. We're here to help you maintain your dental health.

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