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What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a general dentist who has undergone additional training for several years to specialize in treating root canals. The term "root canal" refers to the inner part of a tooth's root, which contains blood vessels and nerves. When this part is damaged due to issues like cavities, cracks, or fractures, it can cause significant toothaches.

Why Would a Dentist Refer a Patient to an Endodontist?

Dentists refer patients to endodontists when there are problems with the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth's roots. Endodontists specialize in addressing issues in this specific area.

How Does an Endodontist Differ from a General Dentist?

An endodontist is a general dentist who has received additional training for several years to treat issues related to the nerves and tissues inside the tooth's roots. This specialization distinguishes them from general dentists.

What Procedures Do Endodontists Commonly Perform?

Endodontists primarily perform root canal procedures. In some cases, they also address infections at the tips of tooth roots through microscopic surgery. Their focus is on treating issues within the tooth's roots.

Can Endodontists Extract Teeth?

Yes, they can. Endodontists, with their extended training, are qualified to remove teeth when necessary.

How Do Endodontists Determine the Need for a Root Canal?

Endodontists use various tests and specialized equipment to assess whether the tooth's nerve and blood vessels are permanently or reversibly damaged. This helps them decide whether a root canal is required.

Does Insurance Cover Endodontic Procedures?

Insurance coverage varies from one plan to another. I recommend contacting your insurance provider to understand your specific coverage. Many Endodontics offices also have insurance coordinators who can assist with these inquiries.

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