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Even if you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes twice a day, a professional cleaning removes the plaque and bacteria that you can’t reach with your toothbrush and by flossing at home. Routine dental cleanings are a critical part of preventive dental care, keeping your teeth and smile healthy and beautiful. If you’re due for a dental cleaning or checkup, make an appointment with Azita Kabiri, DDS, at KB San Leandro Dental Studio in San Leandro, California. Call or book online today.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

Why do I need professional dental cleanings?

Even when you have perfect at-home dental hygiene habits, you can’t remove all of the bacteria and plaque that builds up on your teeth. A dental cleaning not only allows Dr. Kabiri and her team to clean parts of your teeth that you can’t reach, but also to use special tools to remove plaque from your teeth.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

Your cleaning begins with a gentle exam of your teeth, jaw, and neck. Dr. Kabiri looks for signs of gum disease and decay using a small hand-held mirror to see all sides of your teeth.

The next step is the removal of plaque. Dr. Kabiri uses a special tool to gently scrape away any soft plaque that has built up since your last cleaning. This process should not be painful.

Then Dr. Kabiri polishes your teeth using a special gritty toothpaste and a polishing tool. This step removes any remaining plaque and leaves your teeth bright and clean.

The final step is flossing and a discussion about your at-home dental hygiene habits. Dr. Kabiri can show you how to floss your teeth and encourages you to floss regularly. Dr. Kabiri may suggest products to help improve your dental health — for example, herbal organic homemade mouthwash.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a condition where plaque and tartar on your teeth extend below your gum line. It causes inflammation and pain and can lead to pockets developing between your teeth and gums, often resulting in receding gums. Signs of gum disease include red, swollen gums that bleed easily, receding gums, and chronic bad breath.

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, with regular dental care including at-home and in-office cleanings, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

How often should I have professional dental cleanings?

The American Dental Association recommends having professional dental cleanings and checkups every six months. These regular appointments help to keep plaque and tartar buildup to a minimum and allow Dr. Kabiri opportunities to carefully monitor your oral health.

If you’re due for a dental cleaning, call or make an appointment online today.